What is Lifecasting?

Lifecasting (and the sculpture derived from it) is an exact replication of the human form or other object.  Precise impressions of face, hands, feet, torso, (even full body) are taken. Lifecasting may be done on hands, faces, bodies, (even babies!)  with absolute safety. Casting material (or "moulage") is quite similar to impression material used in dentistry.  It is AS-TM approved and non-toxic. Once these  impressions are taken they can then be poured up in resin or stone (or cast in bronze or aluminum). Once the reproduction is cured and cleaned, metal pigments and acids are applied to the surfaces, giving the piece a metal finish without the high cost of bronze or other metals. Cynthia has worked many years to perfect her proprietary cold-bronze technique creating finished pieces that are indistinguishable from bronze. 

Lifecast Sculpture captures moments in time. Your joined hands on your wedding day,  a son's hands in prayer, your infant's foot and tiny hand, or a sculpture honoring your years of service as a dentist, surgeon, or flight attendant.... all can be immortalized and captured in sculpture. They will serve as lifetime keepsakes and treasured heirlooms for generations to come. (So come on! Get yourself or a loved one immortalized!)